We are excited that we have been able to place rescued dogs in their furever homes with some of the following families.

Randi D

Words don’t do justice for the immense happiness and joy Wags to Riches has brought to our family.  After the loss of our previous four-legged fur baby and hoping for over a year for a puppy to try and fill the immense void left behind, we were truly blessed with the opportunity to make Lucy part of our lives.  Little did we know that Lucy Bella was actually rescuing us!  Our hearts have grown ten-fold with the addition of our sweet Lucy!!!!

When we found Wags to Riches, we had been searching for months and had faced some very difficult situations at various local and national organizations and shelters.  But the trials and tribulations along the journey truly paid off.  When we first encountered Wags to Riches, it was evident that owner’s Brett Dabruzzo and Robin Wilburn were different than other organizations…laser-focused on the dogs and providing them with everything they needed and deserved.   From the moment Lucy was rescued from behind a dumpster of a grocery store parking lock, she immediately received the TLC she deserved from Robin.  The twigs, sticks, leaves, dirt and soot were all bathed away and underneath it all was the sweetest pup one could imagine and which simply needed love and a home of her own.  Robin and Brett treated Lucy as though she were their own (attending to her veterinary needs, grooming requirements, and all the affection she could take!).  They provided us with regular updates on her health, and pictures and videos until Lucy could make the journey all the way from Alabama to be with us!  They made what is such an emotional process fraught with worry and concern a magical and wonderful experience.

When Lucy finally arrived, we felt as though we already knew her from the constant stream of communication and contact from Robin.  The joy we felt the day she entered our lives is indescribable…. she was finally ours!!!!  We were in love from the first lick!  Everything Brett and Robin shared about Lucy’s disposition was exactly as described; she has blended into our family (and our community!) seamlessly.  It has now been two months since Lucy entered our lives and she is the link that we were desperately missing for far too long.  Honestly, it is difficult to remember life before her!  Our most sincere adoration and Thank You to Brett and Robin for creating an organization which has allowed us to complete our family!!!

Dana C.

My 8 year old started out as a volunteer dog walker at Brett´s encouragement to help ease his fear of dogs.   That experience and Brett´s continued support and encouragement lead to the rescue of our family by Clover, the world´s sweetest dog.   We were first time dog owners and Clover was a first time human owner so we had some hurdles to overcome, including a couple of scary escapes and some really weird fears and quirks (us and Clover).   Brett was there every step of the way with advice, reassurance, and positive reinforcement (for us and Clover).    At first, Clover wouldn´t go to the next room without being carried and was so afraid he wouldn´t eat the first week, but now he loves to camp, hike and take road trips with us.  He loves belly and ear rubs and collects our socks from around the house.   He even loves the 3 cats that share his space.   Most of all, Clover loves us and we love him.     Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Bonnie S.

We have Jax, the most amazing rescue dog ever.  He came to us all the way from Alabama (no, his bark is not in a southern accent!).  The softest dark brown fur, two front feet that, when he is standing, look like he is in first position ballet, with one paw covered in white spots.  We loved him immediately!  Robin sent us a video of Jax before we adopted him and he looked so happy and well cared for after being in foster care.

Jax has brought so much joy into our home.  It did take a few days for our other rescue, Lilly, to get used to having a new dog in the house.  But Brett was able to help us in dealing with it, and a few days later, they were best friends.

Rescuing dogs is the most humane thing anyone can do.  I am so thrilled that Brett and Robin are taking on this adventure to help dogs live to their fullest potential and bring love into the homes of caring owners.

Karsten W.

Who knew one day I would find a dog that was meant to be. It all started at a Pet Smart. I was volunteering to help the dogs coming in all the way from Alabama. We all lined up for our assigned dog to try and give them a better home. I didn’t get a dog because everybody already had one. My mom had this really cute dog that she let me watch for the adoption session. Her name was Sarah. I took her to the chair where she sat on my lap for about the whole time. I eventually tried taking her for a little walk but after about a minute she just sat down in the middle of the grass. I tried to get her to walk back to where we were but she just sat there.

I eventually realized she was depressed and suffered from PTSD from her abusive lifestyle of being a stray in Alabama. She was abused, beaten, and even shot in the hind leg with a pellet gun. We still cry about it to this day. We never understood why someone would do such a thing to such a good dog.

When we were in Pet Smart me and Sarah fell in love and I wanted to keep her and she seemed a little happier. Sports Authority was next door and I had to get new shoes. So my mom and I asked another volunteer to watch over her a little until we came back. After a couple of minutes we came back and Sarah was adopted. I was devastated. I mean I was really sad. I wanted to adopt her because I knew it was meant to be and I knew I would never forget Sarah.

Three weeks later my mom got a call that would change my life forever and make life happier. Unfortunately though Sarah was returned to the shelter. But that meant we got to foster her. When I saw her and she saw me we both cried tears of joy. I knew that Sarah and I were meant to be! I’d never seen Sarah so happy before and when we took her home she barked the cutest bark.

Sarah is a cute, compassionate, happy dog. She was now happy! One thing led to another and my dad fell in love with Sarah and We officially adopted her. Sarah loves to snuggle and we cuddle every day. Sarah is favorite dog in the world and my life is so much better with her in it.

Pamela J.

In all my personal interactions with Robin Wilburn, co-founder of Wags To Riches Rescue, her professionalism, knowledge, and desire to go “above and beyond” for the animals in her care has shown through brilliantly.

My children wanted to see the dog we were adopting before Ella arrived. Robin graciously filmed three videos for my kids to enjoy in order that my children could become better acquainted with our new family addition and there would be no surprises.

If I have rescue related questions, Robin has the answers or knows where to look to find those answers. Robin makes herself available to her clients to insure a rescue dog is received with love and true commitment.

Some people are blessed with a true gift. It is the ability to love, nurture, and  heal a rescue and then let the pup go. Robin has that gift. It is my pleasure to know her. Our family plans to adopt again in a few years. In that experience, we will return to Robin.

Thomas H.

My experience with Wags to Riches Rescue was simply outstanding.  Wags to Riches is a small rescue organization with an enormous hart. The administrators (Brett and Robin) care so very much about each and every animal that passes through their care. Their involvement in the rescue is clearly a labor of love, and I can’t find the words to adequately describe the emotional and physical capital they willingly give to each deserving and needy animal in their charge.   I adopted a Jack Russell terrier that has rapidly become a loved member of my family.  Jack (I know, not very original, but named after my father and not the breed) came from Alabama where he was found as a stray puppy and fostered with a trusted Wags to Riches associate.  Jack came fully socialized with up-to-date vaccinations, spayed and complete medical records; his local doctor had no questions about what he needed on his first visit.  The nominal adoption fee covered (and I’m not sure how) his vet visits, foster care and transportation to Maryland.  The transport service, like Wags to Riches, was extremely professional; the drivers were in contact with me the day before Jack traveled and during the trip to update me about any scheduling changes or delays.  When I met the transport in Hagerstown, it was clear that the drivers were dog lovers that enjoyed their jobs and cared greatly about each animal in their transport.  In short, the entire adoption process was simply outstanding.  The first few days Jack didn’t bark, but after that he has become the best watch-dog; he has clearly taken ownership of his yard, home and family.  Jack will get a little brother soon, and when that day comes, Wags to Riches Rescue will be the source.